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  • Sexual Abuse Advocacy

    Do what social media does best: "cancel culture". Check out the following threads for grants, petitions and organizations to support:




    Also advocate for #thebareminimum and #teen-are-not-hot (see below)

    A. General

    1. Mandated registration for all sex offenders
    2. Forbidden from travelling outside of a ---- radius of registered address.
    3. Forbidden from travelling outside of the state/province.
    4. Forbidden from renting a hotel room, airBnB, or types of property per hour.
    5. If permitted to live within a school zone, the offender will be placed on house arrest.
    6. Tracking device on any vehicle within the household.

    B. Internet Restrictions

    1. The offender is required to purchase a static internet connection which would allow corporations and privately owned organizations to more effectively block online activity. A Static IPs connects to the internet from the same "address", which means it stays the same over time, opposed to a dynamic IP address, which means the address can change over time or by simply resetting the router. The Static IP address can be easily included on the registry, allowing a 3rd party corporation to create a database globally similar to the Child Porn database.
    2. Forbidden from using a ruse (or assuming another identity, gender, name, age and/or username) with or without the intent to hide their identity online. The offender must use the name given on the sex offender registry as online handles and usernames.
    3. Forbidden from using the websites or social media platforms identified to lure victims.
    4. The identification and termination of all accounts used to interact and lure victims allowing current victims still in-contact to be notified of the on-going danger.
    5. Restrictions to circumvent Static IP limitations:
    • Forbidden from using 3rd party apps like “tapatext”, “Tor/darkweb”, "incognito mode" to connect to the internet on another IP.
    • Forbidden from using cellular data.
    • Forbidden from using “hot-spots” or public wifi at private businesses and/or publicly owned property (ex: libraries, gyms).

    C. Sex offenders with a compromised computer system (child-porn, deviant written or visual representations of minors (under 18) or sexual content made to resemble underage subjects (ex: braces).)

    1. Refrain from creating, viewing and/or sharing written work, such as poetry and short stories, that are meant to illicit sexual arousal and/or sadistic material, etc.

    2. Unable to possess a camera or video recording device (including smart phone).

    3. Unable to possess or access software/hardware to copy and save media files (ex: videos, images).


    I propose to raise consent to 18 years old. REVOLUTIONARY, I KNOW!


  • secretskeepyousick

    Registration on skys is open for the base Whistle-Blower forums. Unfortunately due to malicious spamming we are disabling the ability to post for guests.

    New members will require a personal invitation from staff or a referral from a current skys member.

    Generally, I stay off Pancakes.

    Regardless of the management on mypancakeaddiction and their supposed trust-worthiness, the same core of fetishists are already accepted and normalized within the community. Please refer to the "Metaphorical Shots Fired" thread for more problematic members in the community which require further investigation.

    The same recommendations for purging content applies to Pancakes as well.

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